Stand there, unafraid, with all America
at your back, and listen to the solemn
reverberation of the ocean.

— “Put All America Behind You” (Heaven Underfoot, Codhill Press, 2023)

Book cover of TRAVELS OF A GWAI LO by Dr. Diana Woodcock features pink flamingoes in a mangrove under a setting sun.

© 2024 Diana Woodcock, Ph.D.

By Way Of: Travels of a Gwai Lo

“Combine equal parts of Matthew Nienow’s spare and incisive observations and Diana Alvarez’s visceral incantations. Fold in Diana Woodcock’s exotic locales and surprising narratives and the edgy dislocations of Emily Carr. Blend well and allow to rise in the mind and heart. By a remarkable alchemy, these disparate elements merge into a single, compelling unity.”

– Susan Settlemyre Williams, author of Ashes in Midair

By Way Of showcases four unique poetic talents, yet creates a holistic reading experience that surpasses the mere sum of four parts. The overall effect is atmospheric and exotic. Reading through, I couldn’t help but imagine all these poets in the same room, feeding off each other’s energy, merging into one persona, of sorts—an assemblage of voice that results in varied, deep and lively reading for their very fortunate readers.”

– Mark Cox, author of author of Readiness: Prose Poems

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  • isbn 9780976640547
  • publication date 2009
  • publisher Toadlily Press