Am I a person dreaming I’m a tree,
or a tree dreaming it’s me? Is it
I who am writing, or the tree writing me?
What I would give to be that hickory
over there cradling the black bear and her
two cubs tucked into one crook of it

— “Roaring Fork” (Heaven Underfoot, Codhill Press, 2023)

Book cover of MANDALA by Dr. Diana Woodcock features a geometric mandala in red and orange on a textured orange ground.

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“Diana Woodcock’s poetry circumnavigates the globe as if circling a mandala, from Flagstaf to Lhasa, Cairo to Macau, always keeping faith with the work of a scrupulous witness, moral compass firmly in hand, ‘balancing—always balancing, ready to be erased,’ yet dancing and singing a bridge into being across the airy space.”

—Gregory Donovan, author of Calling His Children Home

“Dedicated to the Tibetans, Diana Woodcock's collection of poems reminds us of the immensity of this world. Addressing both violence and beauty, the collection's compelling and edgy terrain lingers— like the ‘golden specks of sunlight…on timbrel bells’—from her poem ‘Year of Lhasa.’”

—Talvikki Ansel, author of Jetty and My Shining Archipelago

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  • publication date December 8, 2009
  • publisher Foothills Publishing